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'I got it': Inspiring moment two-year-old double amputee walks for first time

A two-year-old double amputee taking his first steps and declaring "I got it" has become an internet hit.

Kayden Elijah, of New Jersey, was filmed taking his first steps and the video was posted online by his mother Nikki Kinko Sessoms.

The inspiring clip has been watched over 200,000 times on YouTube and been shared by thousands on Facebook.

Kayden has a GoFundMe page in a bid to raise funds for his medical needs. Credit: GoFundMe

Kayden's mother was overjoyed with the attention her son's video has been attracting and wrote on her Facebook page:

Needed to say for the world to know...God I thank you and I know none of this would / could happen without you.

God keeps his promises...he may not come when you want but he's always right on time.

– Nikki Kinko Sessoms

The toddler was born with omphalocele - where some internal organs remain outside the abdomen - and had to have both his right foot and left leg amputated at the start of this year.

The toddler had to have his right foot and left leg amputated earlier this year. Credit: GoFundMe

Nikki wrote on Kayden's GoFundMe page that doctors had recommended she terminate the pregnancy and claimed "he wouldn't make it".

Nikki was recommended to terminate her pregnancy. Credit: Nikki Kinko Sessoms / YouTube

She is attempting to raise funds for extra physical therapy visits, braces, prosthetics and to pay off medical bills.