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Forgetful parking drives car owners round the bend

Almost a quarter (23%) of drivers have been fined because they forgot where their car was parked. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Dozy drivers who forget where their car is parked clock up a total of 78,000 days searching for their vehicle, according to a survey.

Car insurers Direct Line found some 14% of drivers have forgotten where they parked their vehicle while out and about in the last two years.

Women appeared to be more forgetful than men as 16% admitted to failing to remember where they left their car, while only 12% of men did not know where they had parked.

The total brought in by fines handed out to forgetful drivers comes to more than £432,000 each year. Credit: PA

But the survey, of 2,003 adults, showed that women took an average of 27 minutes to track down their lost car, compared with an long as 50 minutes on average for men.

Men might be bad at asking for directions when lost while actually in the car, but are far more likely (25%) to ask for help in getting to a missing vehicle than women (only 7%).

Women were most likely to lose their vehicle in the supermarket car park, where as men usually forgot where they had left their car when out in the city centre.