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Student, 16, recalls saving her boyfriend's life on first date

Zach Selby and Chloe Tones. Photo: Good Morning Britain/ITV

A 16-year-old student has recalled the moment she gave her boyfriend the kiss of life on their first date after she found him in the midst of a heart attack.

Chloe Tones told Good Morning Britain she went looking for Zach Selby, 19, when he failed to return from a short walk only to find he had collapsed from respiratory arrest.

Chloe Tones got more than she bargained for on her first date with boyfriend Zach. Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV

Apprentice hairdresser Zach and beauty student Chloe went camping with friends in Lincolnshire where he invited Chloe along as his plus one - which was their first date.

Zach was playing football when he had some chest pains but thought nothing of it.

After the game the young couple went on a walk and Zach asked Chloe to be his girlfriend.

Chloe said yes and they went back to the camp to have a few drinks. Zach decided to go off on a walk and after he was gone for 10 minutes Chloe started to worry.

Leading the search with her friends, Chloe found Zach had collapsed and had a "really, really low" pulse.

Never formally trained in CPR, Chloe administered the life-saving technique while being coached from a paramedic over the phone.

Nothing was happening and his pulse was really, really low so I had to give him mouth to mouth at the same time.

– Chloe Tones

Luckily, Zach came round and said he was "very grateful" to his new girlfriend.

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