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'Birdy's Date': Is this the weirdest football advert ever?

A bizarre promotional video for Blackburn Rovers' new home kit has prompted mixed responses from fans.

Birdy is pictured preparing for his hot date. Credit: Blackburn Rovers/Youtube

The 'Birdy's Date' clip shows a Rovers fan preparing in his bathroom for what looks like a rendezvous with a female supporter pictured nearby.

A mystery Rovers fan shown on Birdy's table. Credit: Blackburn Rovers/Youtube

He then gets himself dressed up and heads out - but rather than meeting the mystery woman, he actually pops down to the club shop and picks up the club's new shirt.

Twitter users were largely bemused by the advert, though some were quick to point out it had already garnered thousands of views on YouTube.

Some compared it to a previous campaign by Blackburn promoting their owners' chicken company.

Whether people love it or loathe it, the club will surely be pleased that their viral marketing campaign has received the desired publicity.

Birdy is urging fellow fans to join him in buying the new strip. Credit: Blackburn Rovers/Youtube