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'Miracle' survival of woman who fell after sleepwalking out of her fifth floor window

Amy Wigfull in Hospital Universitario Virgen De La Victoria. Photo: Good Morning Britain/ITV

A woman who sleepwalked out of her five story apartment and fell 50ft below has described how lucky she feels to be alive.

20-year-old Amy was on holiday with her family in the Costa Del Sol when she walked from her hotel bed, climbed out of the window and fell onto the concrete floor below.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Amy and her mum Shellie recalled the night when she fell from the window.

Amy hit the ground between a motorbike and the stone feature. In another amazing stroke of luck, she was discovered within a few minutes by a man who had gone for a walk after arguing with his wife. She was told later that if she had not been found, she would have been dead within 20 minutes.

Despite sustaining a long list of injuries - fractured back, broken ribs, punctured lung and bleeding on the brain - Amy is safely back home in Sheffield and starting to walk again.

Over several weeks in a Malaga hospital Amy had operations on her wrist, hip and back, had her lung drained and she went from a size 10 to less than a size 6.

Amy is concentrating on getting better but admitted she now wears a special bracelet when she sleeps.