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Is 116-year-old Tommy the tortoise the UK's oldest pet?

Tommy was born in 1898. Photo: Good Morning Britain/ITV

A much-loved tortoise is believed to be Britain's oldest pet - outliving the sinking of the Titanic, the Second World War and Margaret Thatcher.

Tommy, a female tortoise, has clocked up 116 years on planet Earth and remains in the care of her original owner's granddaughter.

The female Hermann's tortoise was 11 years old when she was originally bought for £1 from a London market by her first owner Margaret Cloonan in 1909.

Since then, Tommy has been passed down through the family and is now in the care of 57-year-old Sheila Floris.

Tommy, who has never once been to the vet, roams free in Mrs Floris' garden during the day and has a specific spot under a hedge where she likes to rest.

And despite hibernating in the ground for six months of the year, she always wakes up on either one of two days every year - April 1st which was Mrs Floris's mother's birthday, or Mothers Day.

Tommy's best friend is Mrs Faris' cat, Jet. Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV

Tommy, who is of the endangered Hermann's species, was given her name by Mrs Cloonan who believed she was male.

Mrs Floris said the family was shocked when they discovered her true sex after she began to lay eggs.