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Michael Gove got stuck in the toilet on his first day as chief whip, says Labour MP

Michael Gove got stuck in the Labour lobby toilet when an important vote was taking place yesterday. Credit: PA

Michael Gove got stuck in the toilet on his first day as chief whip, a Labour MP has told the Commons.

William Hague joked that Mr Gove was performing his new duties "very assiduously" when he found himself trapped in the Labour lobby loo.

Shadow Commons leader Angela Eagle suggested Mr Gove had almost broken his own whip by getting locked in the bathroom during the division on Alison McGovern's Bill yesterday.

She said: "I'd like to welcome Mr Gove. He hasn't had the most auspicious of starts. "Yesterday, he not only lost his first vote but he managed to get stuck in the toilet in the wrong lobby and he nearly broke his own whip.

Referencing Game of Thrones, Ms Eagle added: "Apparently when the Prime Minister asked the chief whip to take up his new role, he asked him to become the 'Hand of the King'.

"Now, I'm no Game of Throne expert but isn't it the case that so far the Hands of the King have been variously beheaded, knived and shot with a harpoon - and all by their own side?"

Mr Hague replied: "You made fun of what he was doing yesterday - knowledge of who is in the toilets in whatever lobby is a very important piece of information for any chief whip.

"I take this as evidence he was carrying out his duties very assiduously."