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Parents 'get competitive' with presents for teachers

Parents are getting competitive over the gifts they buy their children's teacher, with some going to extreme lengths to be considered for teacher's pet, it has emerged.

In a recent article in Tatler magazine, teachers were quoted they'd received designer handbags, diamond necklaces, free use of private jets, keys to a villa and wads of cash.

One teacher admitted to Good Morning Britain gifts can really influence their view of a child.

It does have an impact because you do favour that child when you have got such nice presents...

I think it must colour your opinions though because the next time you are marking that person's work, 'Oh! I've got four bottles of wine stashed away at home'.

– Francis Gilbert

The price parents are prepared to pay for gifts has also gone up, according to Netmums survey.

The average amount now spent has reached £10, while the number of parents forking out more than £20 has increased by 50%.

Of the 1,149 families polled, more than a quarter said they felt pressured into buying a gift for their child's teacher.

The most common gift was chocolates, but families have also been splashing out on luxury items such as a Harrods hamper, a Tiffany necklace and spa days.

Good Morning Britain spoke to children and teachers at one primary school to find out what they really wanted.