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Bodies strewn with wreckage: At the scene where MH17 crashed to earth

A pro-Russian separatist holds a cuddly toy from the wreckage. Credit: Reuters

By Neil Connery: Correspondent

There is an almost unreal scene here at the site where MH17 crashed to earth.

Dozens of body bags lie strewn across the ground, while dismembered limbs are mixed among the wreckage.

In among that debris are all the typical things you might take on holiday - travel guides and toys scattered. An eerie sight indeed.

Toys and books lay scattered along the ground. Credit: Reuters

OSCE observers were on the ground again today assessing the scene as best they could.

It was clearly tense, though not as tense as yesterday, when the monitors were told to leave by the pro-Russian separatists in the area.

The militia have been pushing the media back at times, and there was a warning shot fired earlier - an illustration of the taut atmosphere at the centre of a global storm.

A militia member assesses the charred wreckage. Credit: Reuters

Many of these bodies are decomposing, so at times there is a very powerful stench in the air.

We witnessed as villagers took stretchers into the fields to recover bodies and body-parts - some wretching as they had to confront what was in front of them.

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