1. ITV Report

A quiet start to the week, but temperatures could hit 30C again

After the expected thunderstorms and deluges of rain wreaked havoc across many parts of the UK over the weekend, it has been a mercifully quiet start to the new working week.

Frontal systems currently sit to the east and west, giving rather more cloud and some rain to these areas, but for many of us, plenty of sunshine has been on offer today and the temperatures have been pleasantly warm rather than uncomfortably hot.

High pressure continues to stretch in across the UK over the next few days bringing fine, sunny weather to many areas but also rising temperatures once again – perhaps hitting 30C again by the end of the week.

A weak weather front moves in across Ireland on Wednesday, bringing a return of the rain but also some refreshingly cooler temperatures.

It’s early days still but with rising temperatures – particularly to the south - we are likely to see a return of the unsettled, thundery weather for the end of the week.