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Comedy audience unamused by maggot shower during Nottingham gig

The audience were not happy with the maggots dropping from the air conditioner. Photo: PA

A comedy club in Nottingham has apologised after maggots from a dead pigeon fell out of the air conditioning unit and all over members of the audience.

Unamused audience members took to Trip Advisor to complain about the incident during the Jongleurs Comedy Club night being held in Ocean in Nottingham last Friday.

The bird was found inside the air condition unit. The club operators apologised, but said no one complained at the time.

A spokesperson for the club said:

It would appear that a pigeon crawled through some side netting on the building and went into the air conditioning unit. It subsequently died. When the team at Jongleurs switched on the air conditioning, it disturbed the body and a few maggots fell out through the air conditioning.

– Luminar Group spokesperson

TripAdviser reviewer SeanSpark1 appeared to write a poem about his experience:

Money making rip off,

Maggots from the ceiling, Pathetic Comedy,

Mumbling DJ,

Awful awful awful tense atmosphere,

There goes another maggot from the ceiling.

– Seanspark1, Trip Advisor