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Dog faints from 'overwhelming joy' when owner returns after two years away

The overwhelmed pet dog struggles to cope with her joy. Credit: YouTube / Rebecca Ehalt

A dog fainted with excitement when her owner returned after two years away.

Rebecca Ehalt wrote that her schnauzer's cataplexy was perhaps understandable considering her time away was “in fairness, 14 years in dog years.”

Her YouTube video shows the pet dog wailing with joy as she sees Rebecca for the first time before falling sideways and struggling to her feet.

The dog rolls over after yelping for a short while. Credit: YouTube/RebeccaEhalt

The video has been watched nearly half a million times within a day of being uploaded.

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The dog was picked up after fainting by his father and Rebecca. Credit: YouTube/RebeccaEhalt

Ehalt said she took the schnauzer to the vet after the emotional reunion.

“Everything is fine,” she reported.