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Indian boy with rare condition has 232 'teeth' removed

Ashik Gavai will be kept for observation for several days. Credit: APTN

A 17-year-old boy is recovering after having 232 "teeth-like structures" removed from his mouth in what officials believe could be a world record operation.

The teeth are seen following surgery. Credit: APTN

Ashik Gavai, from Buldhana in Western India, baffled local doctors after suffering swelling and discomfort in his lower jaw for around 18 months.

We are very happy, while operating, we were removing one tooth after another and passing on to the medical staff to keep

– Vandana Thoravade, dental surgeon

After they were unable to diagnose his condition he was sent to Mumbai, where medics established he had Complex Odontoma, a rare condition that causes numerous teeth to grow on one gum.

An x-ray shows the huge build up of teeth. Credit: APTN

Ashik's father says his son experienced a burning sensation every time he ate something on the right side of his mouth.

Ashik and his father are pleased with the operation. Credit: APTN

With the operation complete, surgeons at the Mumbai hospital now think the number of teeth they extracted may be a world record.

While doing the surgery we were unaware that we [would] encounter so many, so many, so many denticles.

– Vandana Thoravade, dental surgeon