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South Korean baseball team installs robots to replace absent fans

A South Korean baseball team has installed three rows of virtual robots in their stadium so that fans who can't make the game can beem video clips and messages to the team.

Supporters of the Hanhwa Eagles will now be able show their love of the team from around the globe, according to a YouTube video posted by the club, based in the city of Daejeon.

It says: "Those who cannot come to the stadium, watch the game on the web or their phones, what if there was robot cheering for those fans and cheer through commenting online or through sns (text messaging). What if there was a robot cheering for those fans?"

A montage then shows the design process of the robots, dubbed "fanbots" by the team and what supporters will be able to use them for.

Using their phones or computers fans can upload messages to encourage the team. They are also able to upload pictures of their faces which will then appear on the robots.

A fan uploads his face onto a robot at South Korea's Hanhwa Eagles stadium. Credit: Hanhwa Eagles

The robots can also work in unison, holding up LED panels that transmit messages of encouragement or they can be programmed to do a Mexican wave in with the human fans.