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The amazing transformation of Richard Norris after facial transplant surgery

A new photograph lays bare the dramatic transformation of a man who underwent a face transplant two years ago.

Richard Norris pictured in US GQ's August edition. Credit: GQ

Sometimes God will put you on your back to make you look up. Sometimes you need that nudge. It helps you understand... I'm not going to say the afterlife, but what you do here on earth and what you leave here on earth - it's totally two different things.

– Richard Norris

Norris, from Virginia, blew off his nose, cheekbones, lips, tongue, teeth, jaw and chin in the 1997 incident, but says he cannot remember how it happened or why.

His mother, who was nearby at the time, says it was an accident.

A drop of hope can create an ocean. But a bucket of faith can create an entire world.

– Richard Norris

Richard Norris is featured in August's edition of US GQ, where the 39-year-old talks about his experience as a near-hermit for fifteen years after shooting himself in the face.

Norris pictured at his high school prom in 1993. Credit: University of Maryland Medical Center

In Japan I got rated in the top fifty miracles.

– Richard Norris, GQ interview
Norris, left, before the surgery and, right, days after. Credit: University of Maryland Medical Center

After seeing her son spend years as a recluse ashamed of his face, his mother found reconstructive facial surgeon Eduardo Rodriguez on the internet and got in touch.

Connecting the artery, then the vein, and then we release, and it really is like a miracle. Impressive. Seeing the nose—it's white and it turns pink, like normal flesh. It takes seconds. And fix the rest of the bones. Line up the soft tissue. Line up his hairline. Line up his eyebrows. Get the eyelids. So all that needs to happen.

– reconstructive facial surgeon Eduardo Rodriguez

The surgery in March 2012 - which involved transplanting the entire face of a recently-deceased 21-year-old man - was an unprecedented success, making headlines around the world.