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GP's campaign highlights the importance of health workers telling patients their name when delivering care

By ITV News reporter Sue Saville

A small change that can make a big difference is how Dr Kate Granger sees her mission to get hospital staff to introduce themselves. The "Hello my name is..." campaign started when Kate was herself a patient in a Leeds NHS hospital:

Just three years ago, when planning to start a family with husband Chris, Kate was diagnosed with a cancer so rare, it occurs in only one in two million people. She has already outlived her predicted life expectancy, and though new lumps have appeared, she says work and her campaign keep her going.

The 'Hello my name is...' campaign. Credit: ITV News

The 'Hello my name is...' campaign has attracted a huge and even Royal following. Today, Kate and Chris travelled to London to add another name, as she has been invited to meet the Prime Minister.

Kate and Chris met the Prime Minister. Credit: ITV News

As a doctor and as a patient, Kate hopes her visit to Downing Street will take her campaign of courtesy still further.

For more information on the campaign for compassionate care visit