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Two women trespassing on railway bridge miraculously survive being run over

Two women have miraculously survived being run over by a train when they were trespassing on a railway bridge in Indiana, USA.

The pair had illegally accessed a 500-ft long, 80-foot high bridge earlier this month and were seen panicking as they realised a train was coming their way.

Faced with a 25-metre plunge or an oncoming locomotive, the pair attempt to sprint down the length of the bridge.

One of the women trips and falls in her panic to escape the train. Credit: The Indiana Railroad

But a video of the event shows how their terror is heightened when one of the women falls over in her struggle to escape.

The train's horn sounds frantically throughout the clip, which ends when the vehicle rides over the trespassers who are believed to have ducked down between the tracks.

The train rides over the two women. Credit: The Indiana Railroad

“The engineer threw the train into emergency braking as soon as possible. He had thought he had killed the two people here on this bridge,” Indiana Railroad spokesman Eric Powell said.

He added that the women had since been identified and prosecuted for trespassing.