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Diving board girl: I had nightmares every night after my fall

A teenage girl who achieved global attention for an unfortunate diving fail says she had nightmares about falling for days after her attempt went horrendously wrong.

After losing balance, Taylor tried to hang on to the board. Credit: Katie Jorgensen/YouTube

Seventeen-year-old Taylor Jo Roberts told NBC News she didn't think she had much momentum, so tried to stop herself before a horrific fall saw her crash against the board below.

Amazingly, the teenager came out of her ordeal with only minor injuries.

A video of the accident has had millions of hits on YouTube, but Taylor says she does not know who filmed it.

She then landed on the level below before flipping over and falling into the water. Credit: Katie Jorgensen/YouTube

She says she does not remember the next few seconds, including plunging into the water.

"All I remember was popping up and I was in shock and panicking," she said.

"I had nightmares every night for a week. It felt like I was falling," Taylor said. "The night I was sent home from the hospital, every time I would shut my eyes, it felt like I was falling."

Despite the popularity of her mishap, Taylor says she won't be jumping off a diving board again.

"Once you go through something like that, you don’t forget,” she told the network.