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Historic fighter plane crash lands at Cornwall airshow

Smoke billows from The Royal Navy Sea Fury aircraft as it makes an emergency landing on the runway

An investigation has been launched after an historic Royal Navy aircraft crash landed on the runway at an airshow in Cornwall. The plane got into difficulty causing the pilot - Chris Gotke - to make an emergency landing in front of thousands of spectators.

Richard Weldon, who was taking photographs at the show, said: "I was following the display when I noticed smoke billowing from the engine.

"I noticed only one of the undercarriage wheels was down and the other was flopping around."

Jim Hogan, who was also at the show, added: "The pilot put up a red flare and the emergency services were there in a split second."

RNAS told spectators to stay calm as the drama unfolded.

RNAS Culdrose communications officer Pete Wooldridge told The Western Morning News that the pilot had "not been hurt" and that the aircraft had come down on the opposite side of the runway from the audience.

Onlookers took to Twitter to praise the pilot's quick-thinking:

Airshow organisers later confirmed the plane had suffered mechanical failure and a loss of power.