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'Israeli shell to Gaza' reads: 'That's for cancelling the Backstreet Boys'

A photograph of what is believed to be an Israeli shell heading to Gaza has been posted on Twitter with the message in Hebrew, "That’s for cancelling the Backstreet Boys".

Ronnie Barkan, who appears to be a member of the Israeli Defence Force, tweeted the original picture which was picked up by Israel-Gaza news site Mondoweiss.

It is unclear where the picture was taken, and it was not possible to verify its source, though a version of the image was also posted on a pro-IDF Facebook page in July.

The image comes after the boy band recently rescheduled their first-ever string of dates in Tel Aviv, which were set to begin yesterday.

The American pop group were forced to postpone the the concerts for safety reasons due to the heightening conflict between Israel and Gaza, after the Israeli government launched an aggressive offensive on the strip.

The current death toll in Gaza stands at 1,509 Palestinians, mainly civilians, and 66 Israelis, according to officials.