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Baby deer refuses to be put down after man tickles his tummy

A baby deer loved having his tummy rubbed by a construction worker so much that he refused to be put down.

Construction workers Anthony Dean and Justin Lewis discovered the fawn tangled in thorns.

Dean attempted to comfort the distressed animal by rubbing his tummy.

The trick seemed to work a little too well, as the animal became completely attached to the man, letting out a cry each time he attempted to put him down.

Dean could not bring himself to force the animal out of his arms so continued to stroke his stomach to calm the baby deer.

"That deer does not want to be put down," Mr Lewis said while filming the adorable encounter.

The baby deer was transfixed on the worker. Credit: YouTube/Justin Lewis
Each time Dean attempted to put him back down on the ground, the deer squealed. Credit: YouTube/Justin Lewis
The deer apparently followed the workers around 'like a lost puppy' for around an hour afterwards. Credit: YouTube/Justin Lewis

The creature was eventually persuaded to return to his mother, but only after following the pair around "like a lost puppy" for an hour.

The comical video - titled "Spoiled deer" - has been viewed more than one million times on YouTube.