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Meet Butterfly the 'geep': Half goat, half sheep is born in USA

Credit: Facebook/My Petting Zoo

Meet Butterfly the 'geep' - the half goat half sheep in the US that is causing quite a stir on social media.

Butterfly, who is a cross between a pygmy goat and a sheep, was born last week at My Petting Zoo in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Credit: Facebook/My Petting Zoo

The creature - given her name because of the numerous black spots over her body - has a goat's face and face, but has the wool and tail of her sheep mother.

Zoo owner Priscilla Motola's eight-year-old son discovered the newborn animal while feeding the animals on Sunday.

Credit: Facebook/My Petting Zoo

Motola said she was unaware that the mother sheep was pregnant.

"We noticed she got a little bigger, but we thought she was just eating more," she told

Credit: Facebook/My Petting Zoo
Credit: Facebook/My Petting Zoo

Motola also revealed she was completely oblivious about what happened between Butterfly's father, Michael, and her mother, Momma.

"We had no idea they had a relationship with each other. "

Credit: Facebook/My Petting Zoo

The animal has won admirers on social media, with many wanting one of their own.

The petting zoo is currently closed to the public because of Arizona's hot weather, but Motola says she expects the animal to prove a hit with visitors once the zoo reopens.

Priscilla Motola, the owner of the zoo. Credit: Facebook/My Petting Zoo

It is the second hybrid animal to gain attention this year, after a part goat part sheep was born on a farm in the Republic of Ireland.