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Newborn Gaza quadruplets 'have no home to go to'

The quadruplets have been discharged but cannot go home because of the fighting. Photo: APTN

'Miracle' newborn Gaza quadruplets beat the odds to arrive in the world safely but now cannot go home as it is too unsafe.

The babies, which have yet to be named, are only just out of danger themselves.

Reham and Ali al Arjah had IVF to have the babies. Credit: APTN

Now their worried parents Reham and Ali al Arjah do not even know if they have a home to go back to as fighting rages on for a 27th day.

They are currently being cared for at the United Arab Emirates Hospital in Rafah. Credit: APTN

Their father Ali al Arjah said: "I have been waiting for five years. We have done all kinds of treatment. After waiting in the end we decided on in vitro fertilisation and God rewarded us with these four babies."

The family fled their home in the Jenah neighbourhood when airstrikes started. Credit: APTN

The babies' grandfather Mefleh al Arjah said the family left everything behind when shelling started.

"We hope that the war will end soon and not last any longer so we can return to our home," he added.

The babies' mother Reham with one of her 'miracle' quadruplets. Credit: APTN

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