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Anger over Star Trek actor's 'offensive' disability tweet

George Takei is known for regular jokes and memes on social media. Credit: Reuters

Star Trek actor George Takei has come under fire after posting a picture online that some have branded "ablist".

The actor tweeted the image to his 1.3 million followers, some of whom were quick to respond with complaints that it was offensive.

Despite the complaints, the picture has been retweeted hundreds of times, while it has also been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Tumblr - also prompting complaints.

Not fair: she may have MS or some other disorder that prohibits her from walking or standing for lengths of time. Doesn't mean she isn't allowed to drink or use a wheelchair. And, yes, *aisle

– Wynn Anne Sibbald

ITV News has attempted to contact Mr Takei for comment but has received no response at the time of publication.