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Father speaks of his 'devastation' after his 2-year-old daughter is murdered

Amina Agboola was just 2-years-old when she was killed. Photo:

The father of 2-year-old Amina Agboola has told ITV News of his devastation when he found out the toddler had been killed.

Reuben Agboola described the joy he felt when his daughter was first born.

"When she was born I was so happy...I'm going to be a father to someone, to this beautiful lady that she would grow to be one day. I was overjoyed then."

However after he and his wife split up Amina remained with her mother and Reuben saw her very little. He had not seen her in a year when police came to tell him his daughter was dead.

The 26-year-old told ITV News that he was devastated when he found out and says he lost everything the day Amina died.

Reuben's former partner started seeing Dean Harris, 20, after they split.

Harris killed Amina after becoming frustrated at her soiling herself.

Reuben said that social workers had warned his ex-wife about Dean Harris and was 'furious' when he found out that while he was stopped from seeing his daughter, she was often around someone who had a history of domestic violence.

After the trial Reuben will now finally be able to bury his daughter, but he told ITV News he is frightened of saying goodbye to his daughter.

I don't want to say goodbye to my daughter. I still want my daughter here with me.

I want not to say goodbye.

I want her to be seen running around, that's what I want. Not to be burying my daughter or saying goodbye to my daughter.

– Reuben Agboola

He says he does not think he will ever get over Amina's death and sees her face in the face of children on the street, "these are the wounds that I will carry for the rest of my life."

Speaking afterward Harris' sentencing Reuben said:

I am pleased with the sentence Dean Harris has received today. However the grief feels like it has no end. I think about Amina constantly. I still cry every day. I go through the motions of living but inside I am somewhere else thinking about my daughter all the time. No one understands the pain except those people who are experiencing it. My heart reaches out to every parent on earth who is suffering the loss of a child.

– Reuben Agboola

Amina's mother, Sarah Racqueman, was acquitted of causing or allowing the death but admitted two other charges of neglect relating to other children. She was given a suspended sentence earlier this month.