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Summer storm could batter Britain at the end of the week

The UK could be set for stormy weather over the weekend. Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The UK could face a "fairly active summer storm" by the end of the week as the remnants of a Caribbean hurricane makes its way across the Atlantic, the Met Office has warned.

Hurricane Bertha is currently tracking south of the USA, but is projected to move north and then cross the Atlantic, potentially hitting British shores at the weekend.

There is little certainty over how strong the storm will be by the time it reaches Europe, though the Met Office said it would not be a "hurricane in Europe".

Satellite image of Hurricane Bertha above the Caribbean. Credit: Met Office

Although they have used several different models to work out how Bertha may progress, the Met Office say there are too many variables to make a firm prediction at this stage.

It is possible that if there is a storm it will miss out the UK entirely and strike the west coast of France.

The Met Office has worked out Bertha's expected course as it travels east. Credit: Met Office

But spokeswoman Laura Young told ITV News it was important for people to keep abreast of developments in case severe weather does arrive on these shores.

What we want is for people to keep up to date - we've got up-to-date information on our website - and keep up to date with any of our warnings.

As the picture becomes more clear and more certain we'll be able to give more detail on it.

– Met Office spokeswoman