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Video of lion cub creeping up on dog goes viral

The cub was filmed at an animal training farm in Western Cape, South Africa. Photo: YouTube/Shaun Swingler

A video of a crafty young lion scaring the life out of a dog has become a YouTube sensation after notching almost 3.5 million hits in just four days.

With moves that could serve him well on the savannah, the cub creeps round the side of a house right behind the dog before his canine pal realises what is happening.

The clip was filmed at Cornellskop Animal Training Farm, not far from the city of Capetown in South Africa.

While poster Shaun Swingler says the animals on the farm are "completely socialised to one another", that does not appear to stop the cub giving the dog a real fright - although it has to be said the other animals in the clip don't seem remotely bothered.

The farm trains animals for working in films and adverts - and judging by this performance the young lion has a big future ahead of him.