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Passengers push carriage to free man stuck between train and platform

Australian commuters helped free a man whose leg was trapped between a train and a platform by lining up alongside the carriage and pushing.

Passengers started pushing the train in Australia. Credit: Renae Bryant / Facebook

A man's leg became stuck when he boarded a Stirling to Perth train at 8.50am local time, a Transperth spokesman told The West Australian.

In a bid to free the trapped commuter, passengers were asked to move to one side of the carriage in order to transfer the weight of the train away from the man.

That plan failed to work so passengers exited the train, lined up alongside the carriage and started pushing, a commuter told the Australian website.

We were able to move the train quite a bit. The train moved 5-10cm on its suspension, which was enough to free his leg.

– Passenger Nic

The man was walking freely after the incident and did not need the assistance of paramedics on the scene, he added.