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Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum pops up in T-Rex wedding snap

Hollywood star Jeff Goldblum is in the centre of the shot, dressed in grey. Photo: Adam Biesenthal Photography

A Canadian wedding photographer has created a scene reminiscent of dinosaur movie Jurassic Park - with one of the film's stars thrown in for good measure.

Goldblum joins the wedding party dashing away from the looming T-Rex. Credit: Adam Biesenthal Photography

Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum was at Pamela and Jesse Sargent's wedding as his fiancee Emilie Livingston is a friend of the bride.

Photographer Adam Biesenthal took advantage of Goldblum's presence to take a truly memorable photo of the wedding party.

Biesenthal's photo is the latest of a number of thrilling wedding photos, with a similar snap garnering media attention in March of last year - albeit without the presence of a Hollywood film star.

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Whether or not Goldblum and Livingston plan any similar prehistoric antics for their own upcoming nuptials remains to be seen.