Today's announcement means Boris could be PM by 2020

Boris Johnson has put an end to speculation about running for Parliament in 2015. Photo:

So Boris came to give a speech on Europe.

He did it from the same stage where David Cameron gave his speech on Europe 18 months ago.

But the headlines from here will be about his own political ambitions.

He has just confined that he WILL contest the 2015 General Election.

"In all probability," he said in answer to a question, "I will try to find somewhere to stand in 2015."

That puts an end to years of speculation.

And it means, should David Cameron fail to be returned to Downing Street at next year's election, Boris will - and would be very likely to - stand for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

That means Boris Johnson could - I stress could - be Prime Minister of the UK in 2020.