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Twice suspended surgeon 'caused harm' to patients

Patients of a suspended facial surgeon today criticised the trust that employed him, as it emerged his hospital knew he had been sacked once before.

ITV News Midlands Correspondent Ben Chapman reports.

The care of 88 patients is being reviewed after the Royal College of Surgeons found that in many cases Dr Roger Bainton had carried out "unnecessary surgery."

They also discovered that he had used materials that were not licensed and and a number of patients had "come to harm in his care."

However, this was not the first time as in the year 2000 he was suspended by the General Medical Council for gross misconduct after the death of one of his patients in Aberdeen.

Despite that, less than five years later, he was able to get a job at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire who knew about his history but hired him anyway.

Former patient Donna Dillon said: "If they hadn't have employed this guy, none of this would have happened. While he's living his high life, we're still suffering."

Donna Dillon who was operated on by suspended surgeon Roger Bainton. Credit: ITV News

The hospital trust said references are taken for all its employees and its own review found that just 18 patients had suffered harm in Dr. Baintons care, which they had apologised for.

Bainton declined to comment.