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Joan Rivers defends 'stupid Palestinians' comments

Joan Rivers. Photo: MM/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

Comedian Joan Rivers has defended comments she made about the Israeli-Palestine conflict, saying her remarks were taken out of context.

Video posted online shows Ms Rivers being asked about 'the two-thousand Palestinian dead' to which she answers: "Good, good. Ask Colin Powell. When you declare war, you declare war. They started it. We now don't count who's dead. You're dead, you deserve to be dead. You started it. You started it. Don't you dare make me feel sad about that."

Joan Rivers. Credit: Cindy Barrymore/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

She goes on to say that Hamas was democratically voted for by "a lot of very stupid people who don't even own a pencil."

When told "this is the most number, percentage wise, of civilian deaths," Ms Rivers says: "Who cares?"

The 81-year-old issued a statement last night on her Facebook page saying she was "taken out of context".

I am both saddened and disappointed that my statement about the tragedy of civilian casualties was totally taken out of context. What I said and stand behind is, war is hell and unfortunately civilians are victims of political conflicts. We, The United States, certainly know this as 69 years later we still feel the guilt of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The media, as usual, has decided to only quote the most out of context and inflammatory non sequitur rather than giving an accurate account of what my intentions were behind the statement. Along with every other sane person in this world, I am praying for peace. It is stupid and wrong and I am tired of bearing the brunt of attacks by people who want to sell newspapers or gain ratings by creating a scandal about me that is non-existent.

– Joan Rivers statement

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