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Iraq: Kurds keep watch as civilians fear radicals' return

By James Jordan: ITV News in Iraq

Today we have been with Kurdish Peshmerga overlooking the town of Quwair, about 25 miles southwest of Irbil.

They pointed out to us the positions of the Islamic State, around 500 metres away.

Yesterday the radical Islamist fighters were in charge here until a battle with the Peshmerga pushed them back into countryside.

Kurdish Peshmerga look out on Quwair, about 25 miles southwest of Irbil. Credit: ITV News

But though the Kurds now have control, they are poorly armed with outdated weapons. Certainly no civilians feel empowered to return to this place.

When we drove back with our Kurdish guards they told how in one village the battle raged from 9am to 3pm yesterday.

Scattered on the side of road I counted at least three burnt out vehicles - all of Islamic State fighters.

Scorched earth where the soldiers said the US had struck from above was also evident.

The Islamic State destroyed the eight houses belonging to Kurds in the village, left the Arab homes untouched, the driver added.

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