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Police arrest Spiderman, Elmo and two Iron Men in Times Square

'Spiderman' was among the detained characters. Credit: Reuters

Police arrested Spiderman, Elmo and two Iron Men in Times Square as they clamp down on people in costumes charging tourists for pictures.

The four costumed men were arrested within 30 minutes over the weekend, the New York Post reported, after officers gave out fliers warning visitors they do not have to pay for photographs.

A costumed Elmo character is seen in Times Square. Credit: Reuters
Tourists have been advised about people in costumes charging for pictures. Credit: Reuters

While there is no specific ban on costume characters at the landmark, police insist pictures are free and tipping is optional.

The four rogue characters were charged with disorderly conduct.

"Spiderman" was also charged with aggressive panhandling after he allegedly grabbed a passer-by to pose for a photograph.