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Royal Mail honours former British prime ministers in new stamps

Margaret Thatcher Credit: Royal Mail/PA

A collection of stamps commemorating former British prime ministers is being launched by the Royal Mail.

The four first-class and four 97p stamps feature portraits of leaders ranging from William Pitt the Younger (1783-1801) to Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990).

William Pitt the Younger Credit: Royal Mail/PA

Other prime ministers included in the new stamps are Charles Grey (1830-1834), Robert Peel (1841-1846), William Ewart Gladstone (1868-1874), Clement Attlee (1945-1951), Winston Churchill (1951-1955) and Harold Wilson (1974-1976).

Charles Grey Credit: Royal Mail/PA

Royal Mail spokesman Andrew Hammond said: "As the UK is the one of the oldest parliamentary democracies in the world, it is fitting that we mark eight individuals who have held the role over the centuries."

Robert Peel Credit: Royal Mail/PA

Paul Lay, editor of History Today magazine, said: "This is an intriguing selection of prime ministers, reaching back to the 18th century."

William Gladstone Credit: Royal Mail/PA
Clement Attlee Credit: Royal Mail/PA
Winston Churchill Credit: Royal Mail/PA
Harold Wilson Credit: Royal Mail/PA