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Dad takes his sons to a war zone after they ask to play Call of Duty computer game

A tough Swedish dad took his son to the West Bank to show them the reality of war after they asked him if they could play the violent, first-person shooter video game.

University teacher and journalist Carl-Magnus Helgegren made the decision following a conversation with his two sons Frank and Leo, aged ten and 11 respectively, according to The local.

We were sitting at the dinner table last autumn, and my kids started telling me about this game they wanted to play, the latest Call of Duty game, and told me about the guns and missions.

– University teacher and journalist Carl-Magnus Helgegren

So he decided the family would take a trip to a city impacted by real war. The boys would meet people who have bee affected by the conflicys and they would and visit a refugee camp.

We went to the Shuafat refugee camp in east Jerusalem. They saw the conditions there, where people burned trash in the streets, and there was an illegal drug market right next to the school. We went to a clinic where kids were being stitched up every single day because they had been hit in the head with the butt of a rifle

– University teacher and journalist Carl-Magnus Helgegren

The deal was that when the came came back home, they could play whatever games they wanted. The Swedes also stayed with an Israeli family and saw all the tourist sights, like the old city in Jerusalem.