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Dogs - a fish's best friend? Canine 'Good Samaritan' caught on camera 'trying to save the lives of dying fish'

They say a dog is a man's best friend - but fish may be in the running too, if one video is anything to go by.

The canine 'Good Samaritan' has won the hearts of YouTube viewers around the world after being caught on camera apparently trying to save the lives of fish stranded out of water.

Apparently distressed at seeing his fishy friends out of water and dying, the clip shows the dog trying to splash water onto their bodies.

The dog was caught on camera splashing water onto the fish Credit: GrizzlyBattle/YouTube

Using water from nearby puddles, he flicks water up to the fish - even stopping to nudge one of them with his nose, looking to his owner afterwards for help.

Reports suggest the video came from the Phetchaburi province in Thailand.

The dog also stopped to nudge the fish with its nose Credit: GrizzlyBattle/YouTube

It has notched up more than 120,000 views on YouTube since first being posted yesterday by a user by the name of liea.