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Spider 'photobombs' news bulletin

Spider "photobombs" an early morning bulletin Photo: BBC News Scotland

A spider "photobombed" a live BBC news bulletin when it crawled across the screen to catch an insect.

The spider, which appeared to be a giant in the shot, invaded the early morning edition of BBC Reporting Scotland when it crept across the lens of the roof camera.

Newsreader Graham Stewart looked unperturbed as the spider grabbed its breakfast before retreating.

The clip drew widespread attention on social media, with more than 200 retweets on Twitter in just over an hour.

Stewart later said:

I was completely unaware of what was going on until viewers began tweeting us. I'm sure people were shouting out: 'He's behind you.'. I hope our viewers weren't put off their breakfast - I know the spider certainly wasn't.

– Graham Stewart