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A-levels results day: A student guide to clearing

Not quite the A-level grades you were expecting? Fear not. You can still apply for university courses through a process called 'clearing'.

You may also consider clearing if you've had a change of heart about an offer you received from a university, or applied late.

Students can still apply for university courses through a process called 'clearing'. Credit: PA

The idea is you identify courses which still have vacancies and contact the course providers directly to see if they will offer you a place.

How does it work?

Check whether you are eligible for clearing on your Track page on the UCAS website.

You will have automatically been entered into clearing if:

  • You missed both your firm and insurance offers
  • You didn't receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)
  • You applied to UCAS after 30 June

You will find your Clearing Number on this page. Universities will need this so that they can view your application.

Start calling universities to discuss the courses available and whether your application can be considered. Make sure you have your results and Clearing Number handy.

What happens next? If a university offers you a place on a course, you must still formally apply through the UCAS website. The university will give you a date by which you must enter their course details on your Track page.

Don't feel that you have to accept the first offer you receive. You can receive as many offers as you like, but may only apply for one.

To formally apply, you need to click on your 'Add Clearing choice' button and enter the course details. You can only enter details for one choice.

There is a useful video about the clearing process on the UCAS website.

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