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Escaping the jihadists: We meet Iraq's Yazidi refugees

By Lutfi Abu-Aun: Middle East News Editor

ITV News has today arrived at a school in Sharia, a small Yazidi town near the northern Iraqi Kurdish city of Duhok.

The town's eight schools have all been turned into refugee centres for displaced Yazidis who escaped Islamic State militants on Sinjar Mountain.

A young Yazidi boy named Rayan poses for a photo. Credit: Lutfi Abu-Aun/ITV News

Among them are stories that are remarkable and heartbreaking in equal measure.

One woman we encountered was with cradling her new-born baby girl - who was born on the hot, harsh mountain as her family fled the jihadists.

This woman gave birth while fleeing Islamist militants. Credit: Lutfi Abu-Aun/ITV News

On the other end of the scale, we met Hudaidah Mostapha Haji, whose wife, son and three daughters are believed to have been kidnapped by IS along with 62 others after the militants raided their village.

Hudaidah was crying as he told us his story and shared their pictures.

Hudaidah Mostapha Haji cried as he showed pictures of his lost family. Credit: Lutfi Abu-Aun/ITV News

And then there was Nervine, a 5-year-old girl who has now, as John Irvine writes, lost parents at the hands of Al-Qaeda and now Islamic State radicals.

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