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Police officer challenges kids to street dance-off

Credit: YouTube/KansasCityPolice

A police officer challenged a group of children to a street dance-off - and his hilarious moves have been caught on camera.

When Jeffrey Krebs and his partner Officer Smith pulled up in a police patrol car in an east Kansas street on Sunday, the children could not have predicted what unfolded next.

With the offer of sweets on the table, the kids agreed to compete against Kerbs to see who had the smoothest moves.

From John Travolta-inspired moves to an Irish jig to an interesting example of breakdancing, Officer Kerbs pulled out all the stops to win the battle.

Krebs insists he was victorious in the dance-off despite suggestions to the contrary.

"I feel like I won because I’m the one doing all the dancing," he told ABC News.

The video, filmed by a local resident, has been watched nearly 1.5 million times on YouTube since the Kansas Police Department posted it on Monday.

Credit: YouTube/KansasCityPolice
Credit: YouTube/KansasCityPolice

Following Krebs' display, his colleagues joked that dancing may need to be included in police training.

"Maybe we'll start including dancing as a course at the Academy, because it sure looks like we could use it," the department said on its Facebook page.

Credit: YouTube/KansasCityPolice
Credit: YouTube/KansasCityPolice

Mr Krebs said he hoped the entertaining episode would help the police to build trust with the local community.

"When I joined the police force I told them I wanted to build rapport with the community because I feel like if we build rapport with them then they are more likely to call us when they need us," he told KSHB news.