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Sir Cliff Richard showed 'absolutely no signs of stress or worry'

By Martha Fairlie: ITV News Reporter

Sir Cliff pictured with his friend Owen G after appearing on his radio show. Credit: Kiss FM

We met radio presenter Owen G at his home on the Algarve this morning.

He's known Sir Cliff since the early 1960s, but became closer friends when Owen moved to the Algarve in the 1980s.

Of Sir Cliff, he said: "He is probably one of the nicest people in showbiz that I know. He is very private, a devoted Christian, he loves his sisters and their children and every single one of his fans are important to him."

I asked him if Sir Cliff had shown any signs of being stressed or worried when he appeared on his show on Sunday.

"Absolutely no," was the reply.

"If you're asking me, of course he must be so affected by (the allegation)...We all would be...We're in the making people happy business."

"One super, lively, genuine, honest person; I can say no more. He is such a gorgeous guy."