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Traveller tackles Rubik's Cube with the world's help

The adventure began in London. Credit: nyassin14/YouTube

A Harvard graduate has taken a unique approach to solving a Rubik's Cube by asking people around the world to take a turn each.

All in all, there were 84 moves in 11 countries, with people taking turns on a skyscraper, a plane and even underwater.

A Russian official takes a stab at the cube. Credit: nyassin14/YouTube

A snake and a monkey were even given the honour of taking a turn.

Humans weren't the only ones invited to take a turn. Credit: nyassin14/YouTube

And there was only one rejection along the way.

The only rejection was in Hanoi. Credit: nyassin14/YouTube

It turned out to be worth all the effort, with the young man himself completing the puzzle as he returned home from his two month adventure.

After two months of travelling, the puzzle is finally solved. Credit: nyassin14/YouTube