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Most unpopular parent ever? Mother creates app to prevent children ignoring parents' texts and calls

Ignore No More prevents children ignoring their parents' calls. Credit: ABC News

A mother has created a new app which makes it impossible for children to ignore their parents' calls and texts.

Sharon Standifird, from Houston, Texas, grew frustrated at her son's habit of dismissing her calls and decided to create "Ignore No More" which allows parents to take control of their children's smartphones.

Until children reply to the messages, they are not able to text, play games, browse the internet or call their friends.

It remains to be seen whether the app is popular with other parents. Credit: Google Play

Parents simply click their child's name and enter an unlock code twice which secures control of their child's phone.

The child's screen goes black and they are forced to call a pre-approved contact to gain a password to unlock their phone.

But children will still be able to call 911 and parents will not be allowed to read their children's texts or browse through their Facebook.

Parents can simply enter a passcode to lock their child's phone. Credit: Google Play
Kids are forced to call a pre-approved contact to regain access. Credit: Google Play
Sharon Standifird developed an app to prevent her teenage children ignoring her calls. Credit: ABC News

Unsurprisingly her son is not the biggest fan of the app.

"I thought it was a good idea, but for other people, not me," Bradley Standifird told ABC News.

But Standifird says the app has worked as her son now replies far quicker than previously.

The app - costing $1.99 in the Google Play store - is currently only available for Android phones, but there are plans for an iPhone version.

Sharon Standifird told Good Morning Britain the proof of the app's success and said she's only had to lock her son's phone once.