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Could bad singing be the ultimate spider deterrent?

Could singing at a spider be enough for it to move away? According to US man Andrew Wilcox, it seems to do the trick. Wilcox, who calls himself the "spider remover", posted footage showing a spider reacting to his singing voice.

He said:

Whenever my sisters see a spider in the house or near the entry, they freak out and call me to get rid of it. I don't like to kill spiders so I usually remove them to another area.

My oldest sister doesn't like to kill spiders either so she found a way to "get back at the spider" without doing it any harm. She sings at them in an opera voice and they freak out!

– Andrew Wilcox

According to a study by the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, each hair on a spider acts like a single, independent ear. Trichobothria are fine hairs found on spiders, insects and other animals with exoskeletons.

Physicist Brice Bathellier of the Institute Of Molecular Pathology in Vienna, who co-authored a study of trichobothria hairs said: “They operate like band-pass filters or microphones, not like the hairs in a human ear".