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World's most pierced man stopped from entering Dubai over 'black magic' fears

The German was denied entry into Dubai because of his range of piercings. Credit: PA Wire

The world's most pierced man was stopped from entering Dubai over fears he may be practicing "black magic".

Rolf Buchholz, 55, who has a record 453 piercings, was travelling to appear at a circus-themed event last week when he was stopped by immigration officials.

Immigration staff initially stamped his passport and let him through, but the German was stopped before he was able to leave customs and put on a flight to Turkey.

Rolf Buchholz's Twitter profile picture showing the extent of his piercings. Credit: Twitter/@rolf_de
Buchholz is the world's most pierced man with 453 piercings. Credit: Guinness World Records

Buchholz revealed that he was told the reason he had been refused entry was officials thought he was practicing black magic.

He claimed he would never return to the country again, and said his luggage was still in Dubai.

Of his 453 piercings, Buchholz has 158 around his lips, 278 in the genital area, 25 in his eyebrows and 3 in his nipples.

He also has two horn implants in his head.