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Newlyweds stunned after friends play prank plastering house with 14,000 post-it notes

Jamie and Emily Pharro came home from their honeymoon to find their home covered in Post-Its Photo: YouTube/Paul Stanley

Newlyweds Jamie and Emily Pharro returned from their honeymoon only to discover their home plastered with post-it notes, 14,000 to be precise.

The pair had left a set of keys with friends who were supposed to be looking after their cats.

Jamie and Emily Pharro came home to discover their entire ground floor covered in yellow and pink post-its Credit: YouTube/Paul Stanley

Instead, the couple found every inch of their home in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, covered with yellow sticky notes. The pranksters responsible spent eight hours a day sticking the papers, and then set up a hidden camera in the Pharros' living room to capture their reaction.

When our friends got married and went off on a romantic honeymoon to Italy. We filled there entire downstairs with 14000 post it notes. When all we where meant to do was look after the cats.

– Paul Stanley

The video shows the couple laughing, exclaiming "Oh my God", after entering the front door. Here's what happened next: