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Ebay celebrates its 15th birthday

Ebay celebrates its 15th birthday this week. Photo: Ebay

Since its launch it has helped to sell everything from Margaret Thatcher's handbag to a bit of glue that looks a bit like Homer Simpson, and this week auction website Ebay turns 15-years-old.

ITV News correspondent Lewis Vaughan Jones has this report:

In the UK alone, £65 billion items have been sold on the site more than 19 million of us visit the site every month - well over one third of the population.

The shopping website has also made millionaires of 2,000 British citizens including Christie Foster who now sells baby products from her warehouse in Oldham, but who started out as a market trader.

The Ebay entrepreneur told ITV News that she had gone from a small family business to a company which now employs 20 people because of the site.

She said: "I went from on the markets, as a market trader just earning a nice living, employing a couple of people to going to a company which is employing 20 people and taking £2 million within the first two years."

However, the small personal auctions that made the site famous now only make up a third of it's business.

Retail analyst, Richard Perks said: "What Ebay really does well is providing internet trading opportunities for small traders."

Despite its changing market the website helped make internet shopping more mainstream and analysts expect it to be around for a few more years to come.