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Is this the most incredible escape ever? Biker appears to land feet-first on car after crash

Dashboard footage uploaded online last night appears to show a motorcyclist's death-defying escape from a high-speed crash.

The video, said to show an accident in Belarus at the end of July, shows a car changing lanes before the biker speeds into its back.

The rider is then shown to land on feet-first on the car after flipping in mid-air, as passengers in the onlooking vehicle scream in horror at what they see.

The accident is said to have taken place in Mogilev on a bridge crossing the Dnieper River.

Eugene Žilina, a local official in Mogilev, where the crash is said to have taken place, told local media the rider was "incredibly lucky" to have escaped unharmed.

ITV News was not able to verify the footage, which was uploaded to LiveLeak last night.

Another video, which was posted on YouTube the day the crash was said to happen, appears to show people attending the aftermath on the other side of the road.

The footage shows cars damaged by a second crash, which may have been caused by drivers looking across at the first incident.