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The real price of people smuggling

ITV News Correspondent Neil Connery meets Afghan refugees in Brussels. Credit: ITV News

Following two discoveries in the last five days of people being smuggled into the UK in lorries, ITV News can reveal the lengths some will go to in their bid to start a new life.

More than two dozen Afghans have taken refuge in St John the Baptist Church in Brussels hoping they will not be sent back to their home country - many have harrowing tales of how they made that journey.

ITV News Correspondent Neil Connery spoke to one Afghan family who spent two months confined to the cargo hold of a ship.

Jasmeen Korana's family gave people smugglers everything they owned - $50,000 including their home in Kabul - to pay for the journey.

"I never want to remember that scary thing right now," she said, "It was really scary."

Jasmeen Korana spent two months confined to the cargo hold of a ship with her family. Credit: ITV News

Khalil Wazir said he had spent 15 hours inside a shipping container en route to Brussels and described the terrible conditions he under went in his bid for a beter life.

It was such a long journey and it was too dark and there was not enough oxygen because we were 70 people in one container.

I thought I might die and I will never see my children again ... of course I was scared about my life.

– Khalil Wazir

Last year 1,746 potential trafficking victims were found in the UK - an increase of 47% on the previous 12 months.

The Refugee Council has said it was difficult to establish the full scale of people smuggling into the UK after fleeing their home countries, as opposed to those who are trafficked for exploitation.